Monday, January 11, 2010

Isn't it interesting .....

I always find it interesting what your favourite new item ends up being a couple weeks after Christmas. When all the big and glitzy gifts have been put away ... what is it that you really really love. It usually isn't the thing you absolutely had to is usually something simple.

My favourite new 'things' are these mugs. They are pretty ... and they are big, 6 inches high.   Easily a two cupper!

Isn't it nice to be happy with something so simple?


  1. Very nice! I could use that mug at work so I don't have to get so many refills of coffee!

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Happy New year,
    I have been catching up with you and have enjoyed my visit.
    I love your mugs and the size is perfect!!.
    Take care and enjoy your week,

  3. Hi sharon, thanks so much for visiting my blog!!I'm just starting out and finding it hard to set things up.I hope i will catch on soon.I love your big mugs!!That's my kind of coffee mug,thanks again..........Kathy

  4. Hey Sharon, haven't heard from you in awhile! Hope everything is well, maybe you are stuck in a 'caffeine coma' from your extra big coffee mugs? They are lovely - but look like bladder-busters to me! TMI? haha

    Take care!

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