Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Starting the new year organized

I want to start the new year a little more organized than I was last year.  I made two trips to get the perfet clear storage boxes and then emptied out my craft/office closet.  This is what came out of my small closet.

I should probably be embarassed that the whole world  a couple people are seeing this mess, but really it didn't look that bad in the closet!  I just wanted to have all the same clear bins, so I could locate whatever I wanted.

Now my biggest worry is getting it all back in .... there is no way that all this 'stuff' is going to fit in this closet.

(that's a cloth shopping bag on the floor ... in case you think I am displaying my dirty laundry)

and this morning I also started priming my ugly sliding closet doors in the guest room ... I only got the edging done and lost interest.
I am sure I will focus, and at least the closet will be organized by tomorrow (please, please)

1 comment:

  1. I don't think your mess is that bad! I also need to buy some plastic storage bins and organize our basement - not fun.