Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spring Forward, Fall Back

We changed the clocks back last night and got an extra hour to sleep in this morning.
Why did no one tell the cat?

What are you doing with your extra hour?


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you so much for visiting me at "Home is Where the Heart is". Its wonderful to meet you!.
    I have read through all you posts and have enjoy them very much.
    Your blue china is beautiful,and your navy blue bathroom is so lovely and rich looking. It is hard to decide on wall decoration isn't it. I loved the contrast on the wall with the plates, I think you needed one more to have five so the number of plates is odd on even. The plates were so pretty and looked really nice with your window shade.
    You have great taste so what ever you decide on will be perfect and besides changing things around is what makes decorating so much fun!.
    Take care and I will be back to visit.
    Enjoy your day,

  2. I got up at the same time. Used the extra hour for crafting!! It gets dark way to early now.
    Love youe blue and white batheoom.