Monday, November 16, 2009

New Pillow

 It was dull and grey Sunday ... so I pulled out my sewing machine and made a new pillow for my guest room.

I was in Walmart a couple weeks ago and bought a full size pillow for $3.00.  I cut it in half and whip stitched the edges together to get two 13x20 inch pillows.   Pretty good price performance - 2 pillows for $3 ... you couldn't buy a regular pillow form for that price!!


Then I used some fabric from my headboard/bed skirt and some from the quilt I am doing for the bed. I sewed the front in three strips and the back overlapping so that I could insert for pillow into the cover.

Snip the corners on an angle, so that when you pull the cover right sides out you get crisp corners. 

Then turn it right side out ... Press.

Add a couple buttons ... and put on the bed.  It will look perfect with the new quilt I'm making.

Sam approved!


  1. Wonderful Idea!. I love it!. I never thought to cut down a sleeping pillow. I will have to borrow your idea.
    Our kids came to visit yesterday so I did not have time to sew, this Friday I hope to finish up a blanket I am making for my niece for her new baby.
    Take care and enjoy your week, keep creating.

  2. What a great idea. Clever. And Sam loves it as well.

  3. Thrifty and beautiful...I LOVE it Sharon!!!

    :) T

  4. Wow I would never have thought of cutting a pillow in half. Great looking result.

  5. I wish I could sew! Your cushion is gorgeous. Leigh

  6. Fabulous idea. Your cat is a classic! x My dog does the same thing, it always makes me smile.x

  7. Sharon, your pillows turned out great, I'm sewing pillows soon about the size of yours, but i'm not sure how many yards to buy? How many did you buy?

  8. Hi Mrs. Chic ... I just used fabric I had left over from the bed skirt and my stash (I'm a quilter) ... if you are making a 13 x 20 pillow like I did, half a yard would be more than enough for one, and just a bit of another fabric for the centre.

  9. What a darling pillow and your sweet kitty approved!
    :o) Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne