Thursday, October 22, 2009

Almost there ... what to hang on the wall?

I got the mirror back from the glazier and hung it up. The frame was from a picture that fell from the mantel in the family room when I was dusting (that will teach me to dust!). I had to fill the corner with poly filla, sand it down and spray paint with white, and then a couple coats of spray varathane.  It is pretty pristine ... I'm thinking of sanding it back a bit, but it depends on what I end up with as art on the wall.

 It doesn't look level in this picture, but trust me it is.   See how it lines up with the window trim.   I just didn't take the picture straight.

Now ... what am I going to hang as art.   My vision all along was to hang blue and white plates.  Now ... with four nail holes in the wall, I'm not so sure.

 I put the picture I originally had on the wall back up.   It hides all the nail holes.  I love this picture ... an English riding theme, but I think there might be too many squares in the room now.

They say shop your home. So I tried this star. Definitely not an option.

For now, I'm leaving up the square picture ... but I think I need more inspiration.

What would you suggest?


  1. I think I like the plates the best... they bring a new shape and pattern into the room. Or what about some little shelves that you can put "bathroom things" on?

  2. I really like the plates. They complement the wall color nicely.

  3. I like the plates too, but I also like how the picture brings in some different colors than just blue and white....have you thought of maybe attaching a wide ribbon to the back of it to "hang" it from? That would kind of break up the square thing going on.

  4. I vote for the picture. Love your window treatment!

  5. I like the plates...however, I hung some of my favs. up near where people are, and two were broken...So? you need to decide if you will cry your eyes out if they get broken...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog-Come by anytime!

  6. I know ... I'm a little concerned that they are so close to the toilet and aren't very stable. hmmmm ... I'll have to look around and see what else I have that is not sooo square.

  7. Hmmm...well..I think the plates give it a more cottage look and the riding print gives it a more english look...I guess it depends on the look your going for...although both look great.

  8. Gosh Sharon, I have missed so much! Let's see...the mantle came out great, and the bathroom is coming along nicely. I think I like the plates better...more cottage like, but that's just me. I would have maybe hung two more smaller plates, one centered above and below the four you had there. Just a thought! Good job on all your hard work! :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Hi Sharon! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I REALLY like the plates and have been thinking of doing something similar for awhile.....or a cute shelf where you can display the plates and other stuff. I love rich coloured jewel-box bathrooms!
    ps-I totally would velcro the edges of my slipcovers down...but since I'm having those new ones custom made I'm just going to leave it

  10. Your powder room looks gorgeous! I love the blue. I'm a fan of the plates. Have you tried the dischangers (dischangers dot com). I haven't yet...but I've seen awesome reviews. :)

    Thanks for stopping but to see me. It's so nice to meet you!



    I would go with the plates. But I would do a more random pattern. Maybe something that stretches up and down further too. So the whole arrangement covers a lot more of the wall space there. It would really make a statement, and the plates you have are SO PRETTY!