Friday, September 11, 2009

Where it all happens ....

I finally had a friend over for dinner, so that prompted me to clean house.   Even the office/craft room got tidied enough that I could take pictures without mounds of stuff on every surface. 

I wanted the room to be functional, but feminine and that prompted me to use the red toile.   I have had a roll of this Waverly fabric in my closet for ages (I got it on sale when a fabric store was closing down and knew I would use it somewhere) .. so I used it for drapes and seat cushions.

The cabinet was a lacquered white unit that my parents, who married in 1949, used in their first kitchen. I stripped it to the natural pine.
My scrapbook supplies, in 12 x 12 inch drawer units, fit perfectly in bottom.
Every office/craft room needs a bulletin board .. for ideas, inspiration and in this case, also for my thread storage. 
P.S.  I did an earlier post on the artwork in this room ... most of which I created.

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