Friday, August 28, 2009

"One who plants a garden, plants happiness."

I moved in to this house in August 2007. The house was built in 1972.

How can someone (or several someones) have lived in a house for 35 years and have not put a garden in? There was an old disintegrating railway tie about 2 feet out from the back fence to indicate that at some time, someone had at least tried a garden, but nothing remained.

I had a huge perennial garden in my last house, so when the 'Sold' sign went up in May, I had lots of time to divide plants and pot for moving. Of course, when I moved in the garden wasn't my first priority, so I just planted what I had brought in the old bed to overwinter and took the garden off my to-do list til the following spring.

What it looked like when I started to dig in Spring 2008

Done... it really only took a weekend, though I almost killed myself dragging the tree in. The front elevation of the house has a garage and entry, and then steps up to the first floor. That is duplicated outside, so to get to the back you have to carry everything up steps. I can't even use a wheel barrow!  I couldn't see where I was going when I was taking in the tree, I tripped on the top step and I went down, totally sprawled with the tree on top of me. Didn't damage a limb (mine or the tree's).

I decided to make this garden as maintenance free as possible.  I planted a backdrop of shrubs, most of which flower in the spring.  Then I added an assortment of hostas and a pink climbing rose.   I didn't want a riot of colour in this garden, so I only added a pink peony for spring, a purple liatris, yellow day lilies and red coral bells for summer and sedums for fall.  It is a really restful garden to sit in.

View from my bedroom window today a year after planting:

Best view


  1. Oh I love what you've done in your yard!! I have 2 malicious dogs who would dig up every last thing I tried to plant but one day!! One day!!! Beautiful job!

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